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Balanced Scorecard

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CONSULTIS helps you to upgrade from no or basic reporting to dashboards or even balanced scorecard aligned with your strategy. Based on Best Practices and on our experience, we have elaborated and matured our methodology to help you reach your target. With such bases, CONSULTIS helps you from identifying indicators and key performance indicators up to describing management reporting and even implementing a thorough multi-level balance scorecard aligned with your strategy.

A Balanced Scorecard is typically based on four perspectives: finance, efficiency, clients and people (learning and growth). These are derived from your Strategy.

Each of those perspectives can be declined in several objectives. Then those objectives can be displayed on a strategy map. This tool is a map that enables you to visualize on one chart the final objectif, and the intermediate objectives that lead to it, as well as the causal connections between all objectives.

Useful from any range going from a midsize organization until to the biggest, it is ‘simply’ the state of the art on how to use internal information to manage effectively the current and coming life of your organization. Even for a small organization, that approach is efficient : it is a typical cornerstone to achieve team-building, growth and communication.