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Business Process Reengineering

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We are committed to building and formalising a consensus, no matter what your sector and your segment are. We look at your organization as a series of processes and identify which activities have the most impact.

Depending on your request, CONSULTIS will start its mission delivering to you:

- an « AS IS » analysis: an assessment and modeling of your current processes and/or
- a « TO BE » analysis: a reengineering analysis of process improvements and Business Cases for Change

From that milestone, in accordance with your expectations and our professional commitment, CONSULTIS consultants will deliver a transition plan including an implementation/deployment program, a gap analysis targeting process alignment, an implementation roadmap based on best practices and lessons learned in the past, and a deployment framework detailed with activities, tasks and roles and responsibilities.

To help you move your organization, CONSULTIS can also deliver and help you manage a change control board.