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Client relationship (CRM)

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Your CRM tool implemented through 4 steps inspired by our optimization methodology. First remarkable feature : by using an open source software, we spare you license cost !

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Attracting and retaining customers are keys for your business success especially in an ever more competitive marketplace characterized by divestment. Efficient CRM means congregating different professions that share the same purpose : interesting and retaining clients, developing a long term relation and increasing sales.

Because we know those challenges, we decided to capitalize on our deep experience in optimizing processes to design a customer relationship process fitted to your needs. This standard process :
- matches all the activities linked to customer relationship,
- is inspired by the best practices in CRM,
- is enhanced by Sugar CRM (reliable web based open source software) to centralize all the information you need.

The obvious goal of this process is to achieve the sale. However, we are convinced customer relationship management goes far beyond this goal :
- Before selling, we provide your company with a range of best practices concerning prospection, strategic positioning, communication, marketing.
- After selling, we help you identify your best clients, retain them and offer them the best fitted and proactive service.

A business Intelligence unit will enable you to monitor the key indicators concerning your clients and sales. You’ll be able to analyze those data and enhance the performance of your selling process.

We achieved the best quality/cost ratio for our clients by using open source and ensuring a highly professional approach (based on optimization and best practices).